Riley Paint Colours

Last updated 19 July 2000

Paint Charts

I have scanned a copy of the 1937 Riley "Parsonoid" paint chart and spent a happy morning at the local paint supplier looking for the nearest matches. These are from the ICI "Autocolour" range. Sadly, I did not find a good match for the standard grey - none of those in the Autocolour range had the correct green tinge.

All 1930's Rileys that I have examined have the original paint colour, together with the chassis number, roughly scratched on the inside of the bonnet. It is normally visible on the bare aluminium surface once the engine dirt is cleaned off. Unfortunately the scriber (or was it a nail ??) was not always sharp and the scribble may be rather faint.

Another way to find the original colour of the car is to look for an unfaded example in some obscure part, perhaps behind a hinge.

Chapter 10 of David Styles' book "As Old as the Industry" is entitled "The Riley Colour Schemes", and lists the colour schemes as advertised in sales literature. But special finish to customer’s requirements was always available.

Red GM66
Blue FC44, NW16, JD88
Sea Green KC87
Ivory KE78, KD81
Green KT59
Battleship Grey NE99