The Brighton Run 1996

By Alan Teeder

Ramon Farmer kindly loaned his 1904, 4 1/2 hp forecar to the President for the Brighton Run this year. The intrepid passenger was Victor Riley, son of "VR", and President of the Riley Motor Club.

The Riley team was succesfull, and we arrived in Brighton around 2.30, following an 8.30 a.m. start in London's Hyde Park.

As is usual with the Brighton Run there was the odd problem beforehand to contend with. For us it was the screaming noise from the engine which did not materialse until late on Saturday afternoon. The big-end bearing had turned in the connecting rod, shutting off the little lubrication that this normally receives. By 9.15 all was running, with a new bronze bush and re-alligned flywheels, and we were ready for our evening meal. (bread and cheese by that hour). Bed was reasonably early, as it was necesary to leave Guildford at around 6 am Sunday morning.

The only major problems on the run itself were a leaky water pump gland and a reluctance to start when hot. The former was solved by sending Victor for extra water each time that the driver stalled the engine. The later was solved by asking the water providers for a push! Excellent time was made, and we were at Brighton before our tender car arived. The little car climded all the hills without assistance, overtaking many larger vehicles on the way. The weather was especially kind, with continuous sunshine the whole day. It was truly a day to remember.

Nigel Mansel WAVED AT US when Lord Montague (his chauffeur) eventually got past us at Westminster Bridge. Quite a change from the cut and thrust of Formula 1 days.

The route was thronged with crowds. Victor gave his impression of the Queen Mum and ensured that all greetings were returned. He obviously enjoyed himself - to quote from his letter after the event "Very many thanks for an unforgettable day - I cannot imagine my father driving any faster">

Members from the local Area's cheered us on the way. Mart and Connie Bigot came all the way from Holland to add their support.

Many thanks to Ramon for his kind gesture and trust. It is not every day that one gets a chance to use such a vehicle.


Coffee stop at Crawley

Hurtling through London